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22 April 2009

Perl Stored Procedures for MySQL

Files used in conference presentation here: UC2009 presentation

I think todays presentation for Perl Stored Procedures for MySQL was quite successful. The audience was quite engaged and asked questions throughout (yes, I invited questions through the talk). I made sure to mention Eric Herman's Java plugin because even though he didn't get time to submit a talk, the work is noteworthy. Sometimes I worry that my accent may make it harder for people to understand what I was talking about so I tried to talk as clearly as I could. Note to self: I should have a bottle of water on the table for myself the next time I do a talk.

The audience seemed to enjoy the demonstration part of the talk. I think it drew the appropriate amount of chuckles. One attendee said that the demo alone made his day at the conference worthwhile. Compared to last year, I think it was the right decision to split the presentation into one targeting developers wanting to get into the internals and a presentation simply to target end users.

I just hope that the communication with the MySQL/Sun/Oracle community contribution team continues and we can get this work into the main tree where more people can make use of it.

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