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27 January 2007

I find myself thinking about Federated and about how to improve it's connection pooling. Whatever is done should be made safe for transctions. Unfortunately, we cannot suspend and join XA transactions which is a pity as it would make it much easier.

25 January 2007

Cool! I can now generate Xcode project files and build all of mysql (except NDB) from within it. I think it appears to compile faster. Now I can try to see if I can be more productive using Xcode... starting with some debugging.

23 January 2007

A couple of bug fixes pushed into the team trees. It appears that Valgrind can have a race when signalling condition variables while not holding the mutex. I should get some rest - having to stay up for European hours can be quite exausting. The company-wide conf call was mostly uneventful except for a small number of people who seemed unable to mute their connection. Hopefully, next time MGM will use the "lecture" mode and ensure that all other participants are quiet: It was quite hard to concentrate with the errant echos and other noises.