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04 May 2012

MariaDB in Git

As an experiment, I have converted the MariaDB Bazaar repository into Git.
Should be interesting...

25 April 2012

Old repositories

Just as one does, I was finding stuff to delete and I stumbled across this old directory which had dozens of BitKeeper work directories. Of course, I don't have a valid license for BitKeeper anymore and these directories haven't been touched in years!
I guess I shall sit on them for a while.

23 April 2012

It's alive!

LinkedIn has what they call "inDays" where employees may so something interesting which may not be directly related to their day job. I spent my inDay by porting my old WL820 project (External Language Stored Procedures) to MariaDB 5.3.

The code, as usual, is available on LaunchPad ... To get the branch, simply do:
bzr branch lp:~atcurtis/maria/5.3-wl820
The test cases pass... I haven't tested extensively.

ps. Sorry Timour... I haven't yet implemented table functions properly... It still continues to hook into the derived table materialization methods.