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06 June 2008

First week at Google.


People ask what the first week at Google is like... I cannot find one word which can describe it but I'll try throwing together a few adjectives:

Exciting. Exhausting. Fun. Delicious.

The reason for the first adjective is obvious. The second adjective - simply because its like going back to school with stuff to learn. The third - I met a lot of interesting people and they are all fun to chat with. The last adjective - the on site caf├ęs and cafeterias at the Mountain View campus serve tasty food.

I chatted with a few people there about databases and about MySQL. Looks like there shouldn't be any problems with using some of my 20% time for MySQL projects. I may even be able to find a few other likeminded individuals to tackle a few larger projects. Exciting stuff!

Now I have the weekend to unwind a little and prepare to do battle with Los Angeles traffic ... for when I drive to Santa Monica on Monday morning.

03 June 2008

I am now at Google!

Yesterday, I became a Google employee.

I know that there has been quite a hiatus in my MySQL related activities but it wasn't all without good reason. The first proper holiday I have had in a few years.

Tomorrow afternoon, I hope to spend some time with Mark Callaghan ... It would be a nice break from the new-employee orientation and tutorials and hopefully a chance to meet more of my new colleagues.

Probably this coming weekend, I'll dust off the External Language SP work and perform some much needed tidy ups. It is a shame that Bazaar seems quite overtaxed by the MySQL codebase that doing a quick clone is no longer a possibility - specifying "hardlink" does speed it up but it still takes an age. For as much as we did complain at MySQL about BitKeeper, it at least did not often leave us waiting for unreasonable periods of time.

And before anyone asks.... No. I do not know what projects Google has in store for me. I expect I will find out soon enough.

Exciting times!