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06 June 2008

First week at Google.


People ask what the first week at Google is like... I cannot find one word which can describe it but I'll try throwing together a few adjectives:

Exciting. Exhausting. Fun. Delicious.

The reason for the first adjective is obvious. The second adjective - simply because its like going back to school with stuff to learn. The third - I met a lot of interesting people and they are all fun to chat with. The last adjective - the on site caf├ęs and cafeterias at the Mountain View campus serve tasty food.

I chatted with a few people there about databases and about MySQL. Looks like there shouldn't be any problems with using some of my 20% time for MySQL projects. I may even be able to find a few other likeminded individuals to tackle a few larger projects. Exciting stuff!

Now I have the weekend to unwind a little and prepare to do battle with Los Angeles traffic ... for when I drive to Santa Monica on Monday morning.

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Unknown said...

Great to hear you're happy at Google, Antony!