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30 November 2007

Stuff since the last update

The Thanksgiving break was a welcome change of pace... and on the idle driving up and down the Californian coastline, I had a few moments to work on the MySQL External Stored Procedures project. I think I pretty much have Perl functioning fully and a couple of minor problems were resolved.
Yesterday, I completed the first draft of the all-revised-from-scratch WL#3771, now titled as the Plugable Audit Interface. Moving on to my other worklog task - Falcon on big-endian architectures, again, from scratch.

27 November 2007

Organic vs Directed design

Trying to make a good first few implementation iterations is hard and is sometimes made harder by specifications which are not minutely detailed. When the specification is vague, organic development sometimes seems to excel, partly because there is little or no worries about refactoring or redesigning as necessary. Trying to make something absolutely perfect on the first iteration is difficult, especially when attempting to ensure that the code is maintainable and extensible.
Still, not bad progress given that this is only the 2nd day of solid work since Thanksgiving.
Enough of that, time to go to bed.