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31 December 2006

WL#2936 has been updated - the spec has been bought into line with the code and the code has been updated to be in sync with main 5.1.
Time to start to look into the bugs I have waiting for me... And to propose my sprint tasks for January '07.

28 December 2006

Casting can be evil... Assuming that bool will be one byte is a sin. Inside the source we do have my_bool which will be one byte but people forget that they are not the same type!

26 December 2006

Have successfully merged the 5.0-engines and 5.1-engines trees into the main repositories. Just waiting for the green light to push the 4.1 tree.
Today, I plan to merge the engines trees into the main trees. There are some bugs which have been waiting for as long as 2 months!

23 December 2006

Need to post more regularly... once I have posting from the plam sorted out.
Actually, just posting more regularly would be a big plus.
(Sounds like a good new year's resolution)

22 December 2006

Plugins... Nearing completion. Yay! Quite a reasonably tidy server variables declarations and implementation now. Just one variable which I may eliminate and free (potentially a few kilobytes) as it is no longer strictly necessary.
Right now, only InnoDB has been modified to take advantage of it - easily make MyISAM make use of it for it's few variables.
Need to concider splitting out more subsystems so that more globals can be removed.

13 June 2006

Now it is about time that I start actually putting things on this "blog". Today I have spent time working on Bug#20168 and building 5.1 on Solaris with Sun's compiler. Completed the former, hitting small problems on the latter.

08 May 2006

Start of a new Blog

Start of a new blog for only my MySQL stuff.