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23 April 2009

Minor rant...

There apparently was T-shirts for speakers at the MySQL Conference but a few of us speakers have not received them - it was not clear where to get them from in the conference hall and there was confusion when I asked other speakers when I asked them as they did not know. Well - it seems that there was a conference T-Shirt but it was from the conference hall (which is now all packed up and gone) ... the blue-ticket thing was the thing to use to get it.


Was there a conference T-Shirt last year for speakers?
Perhaps I am just unfortunately busy and I haven't acquired the necessary swag-grabbing techniques.


Giuseppe Maxia said...

That proves that geeks don't read instructions? :)

Giuseppe (who got way too many T-shirts without using his blue ticket)

mysqlscott said...

I have one I can give you at the next LA MySQL Meetup. - mysqlscott