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22 April 2009

(My) Community Contributions to MySQL BOF

I arrived late for this talk yesterday. Don't know what was said before I arrived.
Was working on my presentation, putting on a few finishing touches, during the BoF session.
Asked about WorkLog visibility.
Asked about reviewer availability.

Take away quotations:
"Contributions will be reviewed in reverse order of size (complexity)."
"Contributions will be tracked in bugdb."
"WorkLog will be replaced, maybe."

I created Bug#44398.

A FederatedX related contribution - Bug#29523 was last updated 221 days ago.

My LOCK_open contribution for Storage Engine ::open and ::create, Bug#30051 was last updated 631 days ago.


Brian thinks I should blog this.
I'm tired.


Mark Callaghan said...

This could be a great t-shirt idea. List top 10 pending patch contributors by lines of code in pending patches, lines of code in pending patches weighted by #days patch is pending, ...

Davi Arnaut said...

There is no patch in Bug#29523 and Bug#30051. A mention that it's fixed somewhere else without actual links or code is not very helpful. Those bugs are not even tagged as contributions, so they are not in the list of "Community Contributions"... can we fix these problems?

Also, the mention about LOCK_open seems unrelated to the given bug report..