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07 April 2008

Impedance Mismatch

Amazing that there is such disconnect in service communications in these modern days when communications are seemingly instantaneous.

TriNet, the HR company which formerly managed MySQL Inc's personnel payroll and benefits, agrees that they have received my COBRA enrollment and first month's payments last Thursday, all information has been forwarded and that my Blue Shield coverage should continue without interruption. However, Blue Shield of California disagrees and says that coverage has terminated and even if they have received the information, it won't appear on their system for 30 days anyways.


This kind of makes things tricky for refilling prescriptions.

So much for 'uninterrupted service'.


Sheeri K. Cabral said...

Same thing happened to me. "You mean you cashed my check and then send them PAPERS through the MAIL which take weeks to process? Not only is that insecure, you're holding my money unreasonably. How am I supposed to get my prescription?"

(There was some mumbling about expediting, but who knows if that really helped....)

Ronald Bradford said...

That sucks.

I'm still waiting for my paperwork to get re-directed. I want to have it as a backup option as you have 90 days to exercise the option. Means that I'm covered for example at the UC or any other travel in the next 3 months in the US.