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24 April 2008

After the MySQL Conference and Expo...

That week at the conference was a busy week for me - as busy as any developer meeting I have had with MySQL in recent years. I had a great time seeing old faces again and it was much like old times talking, chatting and coding with them. In particular, I spent much of my time with Patrick Galbraith, Eric Herman and Arjen Lentz.
Great progress was made: I worked with Patrick getting my ancient patch integrated into FederatedX so that it can support transactions. I also worked a bit with Arjen getting his OQGraph engine starting to answer a few simple queries. Of course, most importantly, I worked with Eric to finalize the plan for our presentation on "External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL". We also worked on getting the source repository hosted on LaunchPad and created a small team group to manage it. You can check it out here: Team Page
Now, just relaxing and chatting with people... and hopefully I will get a moment to get an updated patch out and to publish the presentation and demonstration notes. What I'd like to get done soon is to sync the External Lang repository with the current mysql-5.1 launchpad repository and maybe a small patch to support two-phase commits with FederatedX.

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