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02 December 2009

2010 will be a good year,

I suppose I should make it official: 2010 should see me being much more active in the Community.

Why? Simply because I am now working for Blizzard Entertainment where I hope to help them make better, more efficient, use of MySQL/MariaDB. I expect to be working on some of MySQL's internals and storage engines in order to achieve what is wanted and helping them enhance their existing use of MySQL.

Exactly what my role will be and the other little details, is still taking form but hopefully, we would be able to contribute some stuff back into the community.


mysqlscott said...

Congrats, Should be an exciting place.

Gerry Narvaja said...


Lachlan Mulcahy said...

Hey Antony - Congrats on the new role! Are you able to share with us the sort of stuff Blizzard uses MySQL for currently? I'm certainly curious.