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19 December 2007

These past weeks

Ever since I submitted the "External Language Stored Procedures" project which Eric and myself have been working on to be listed on FreshMeat, it has gained a small number of interested users and we have just started to get some feedback. Yay! Always nice to know when people are using your code. Okay, so one of the emails contained a feature request: Support for PHP stored procedures. I think I shall play with that during my Christmas vacation next week. The weekend refresh took a little longer than expected to complete due to changes inside the mysqld code but I managed to test and push the changes before midnight.

Sometimes a task morphs gradually as requirements creep in... WL#3771 is one of those where even the title and direction has changed completely through its evolution.. Last week and this, I have completed a draft of the code in the task's current incarnation and hope it will be deemed acceptable and pushable soon.

A few days ago, I had just completed porting the Falcon storage engine to Sparc and PowerPC (again). Verified that all tests which aren't disabled complete successfully. I have been told that Jim will review the patch and may push portions vaguely based upon my patch sometime in the hand-wavy future.

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Unknown said...

I saw your post about php plugin at your blog and I feel quite interested with this issue. Can I know any progress currently?

By the way, if you don't mine can you share with me which of the external plugin you developed is more stable. I plan to use it to integrate my Linux server.


Ks Tan