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24 August 2007

Testing MySQL on a multicore Mac

Making my Quad G5 Mac work a little harder... Now that it has 4G of RAM, it doesn't seem to swap as much and I can happily build up to 2 MySQL source repositories and a couple of concurrent mysql-test-run.
I am currently experimenting with a RAM drive for handling the test run data, using something like the following for creating a 512M RAM disk.

diskutil eraseVolume UFS RAMDisk `hdid -nomount ram://1048576`
sudo chmod g+rwt /Volumes/RAMDisk

export MTR_BUILD_THREAD=auto
export MTR_MEM=/Volumes/RAMDisk

So far, looks pretty good.


Unknown said...


When did we add "auto" and why isn't that the default?


Antony said...

Hi Brian,

I have no idea when "auto" was added: I am pretty sure I have been using it for at least a year, maybe two years. I guess I am just used to it being there and since I have it set in my bashrc, I never really gave it much thought.