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21 June 2007

Wish lists?

It seems that its very popular right now for people to say what their top 5 or 10 wishes are for MySQL Server. Many people who have chatted with me are well aware of a small collection of mine. Guess what? I have no plans to iterate through them here.
I personally don't believe it is particularly productive. MySQL is a company with a lot of smart people and almost every one of them will have their own distinct and unique wish list. For a few to have their wishes set above the rest could drive a wedge in the works. Of course, a small number of senior officers of the company to broadcast their opinions (MÃ¥rten, Monty, etc) is perfectly reasonable - they are expected to have a public vision - wether it be purely their own or distilled from the collective of the company. So where should we espouse our heart felt opinions? The WorkLog RawIdeas acts as a voracious black hole from which few ideas ever escape to fruition. Perhaps the internal Wiki is a good place and that everyone should be encouraged to start a page of their own wish list, perhaps linked with appropriate WorkLog entries and a grand index of pages and perhaps of ideas, where like-minded staffers can indicate which wishes they agree upon.


Unknown said...

I could not disagree with you more, Antony! :)

The benefit of the Top 5 Wishlists are for *external* community members to get a feel for what internal developers hope for and are working towards. I will be compiling all of the wish lists into the Forge, where community folks will get to vote on those items they really would like to see pushed forward in engineering...

Cheers, and let's hear that wish list! :)


Jeremy Cole said...

I pride myself in driving wedges into the works when it's necessary. :)