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28 June 2007

Quick musing on the "Queue" engine.

Brian postulates the idea of a "Queue" engine and why it is impractical. I agree that a queue storage engine doesn't really work too well. What would work better would be either a special 'queue' object type which may use any user accessible storage engine or perhaps a non-standard extension to the SQL syntax:

DEQUEUE message FROM queue_table LIMIT 1;

This can be done in (perhaps) the MySQL Proxy, where it is translated into a SELECT/DELETE combination or it can be added to the server, and should not cause much parser complications.

Then any storage engine may be used for a queue, purely dependent upon the user's requirements as some people will be satisfied with a non-persistent MEMORY based queue, MYISAM queues will be adequate for many and for a few who need transactions, there is INNODB and FALCON.
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