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07 September 2008

High performance stored procedures...

Wondering how interested people would be in this topic for MySQL Users Conference next year?


Giuseppe Maxia said...

Hi Antony.
I am very much interested.
Provided that you don't come up with some unpleasant discovery the day of your session.


Bill Karwin said...

This would be a great topic. There are many questions people have about whether they should use stored procedures in MySQL or not (unlike Oracle and MSSQL, where procedures are de rigeur).

This talk should not only give tips on how to write good-performing procedures, but also give guidelines for when it's appropriate to write a procedure all, or just use plain SQL.

Include techniques for measuring performance of a stored proc versus a set of direct SQL queries to accomplish the same task. You can show improvements only by measuring and then comparing performance of two different solutions.

Peter said...

I think it would be *very interesting* to see benchmarks of programming logic implemented in

* 'stored programs'
* application (most important C/C++, Perl, JAVA, C#/.NET) code.
* a combination of those

Basically we all ask ourselves all the time: shall we use 'stored programs' or not? And when and when not? And where and where not!

Koke said...

Sounds like I would attend that one

Sheeri K. Cabral said...

Sounds like fantasy to me. :)

How about "how to use stored procedures and not kill your database?"

Or actually one that might be nice -- "using views and stored procedures instead of ORM's for a programming interface into the database."

that title's not so catchy. But I'm wary of "high performance stored procedures" because procedural code is probably *medium* performance at best.